disagrees with letter on playboy

thursday, november 24, 2005

this is in response to colleen garcia, of chicago, who was alarmed (nov. 17 public forum) because a gay group expressed its opinion on the oak lawn library and playboy . i also think the illinois family institute is nothing more than a bunch of bigots hiding behind the bible. every day goes by and more and more of our freedoms disappear.

first of all it was the patriot act. now let's pick on the gays. christians should start acting like christians. what happened to love thy neighbor? maybe i don't want my tax dollars putting bibles in the library, but i would never want them removed. kudos to the oak lawn library for standing up for freedom.

maybe oak lawn should pass some laws about how carpet cleaning should be done, what kind of truck is needed and the type of cleaning equipment and supplies that must be used. they could regulate the way a carpet should be cleaned.

paul bohanek
palos heights

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