gay group support of library 'alarming'

thursday, november 17, 2005

the letter-to-the-editor by bob schwartz of chicago's gay liberation front should be a wake up call to local families and parents about the forces behind the promotion of pornography in our neighborhood libraries. he is so quick to improperly label a pro-family group like the illinois family institute as an antigay, pro-censorship group. so far from the truth. ifi is a group that was formed by concerned people who are disgusted with how far our society has allowed immorality to run unchecked.

i applaud and support ifi for its efforts to protect those of us that don't want to be accosted by filth everywhere we turn. there are certain establishments that i once considered 'safe' and the library had been, and should be, one of those places.

southtown readers should be aware that the gay liberation front is the same extremist group that has protested out in front of cardinal francis george's home with signs accusing the cardinal of being a "bigot"; and in front of moody church accusing them of being a "house of hate" - simply because they hold to biblical teachings of homosexuality.

southtown reporter dan duggan is quick to point out that conservative pro-family groups like the illinois family institute support mark deckeri? 1/2 s push to rid the public library of playboy . also on this side of the issue are decent families in oak lawn and other family groups who want safe neighborhoods and high community standards.

however, mr. duggan has thus far neglected to inform readers that some of oak lawn library board's closest allies in this debate are very liberal - including the american library association, the aclu, and now even radical homosexual groups like the gay liberation front. all of these groups support having tax-supported porn in the library for perverts to peruse.

the mere fact that socialist and anti-family groups like the gay liberation front are defending playboy magazine in the library is in itself alarming. if these desperate people have to view pornography on the internet or in dirty magazines, they need to do it in their own homes - not in our libraries where my innocent children and i patronize.

colleen garcia

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