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read the news article: " group targets black authors' books; toni morrison's novel deemed 'smut' by parent; acclaimed memoir 'black boy' also is under fire " to which the below is the response by safe libraries. return to

for publication: response to "group targets black author's book"
1 message thu, jan 25, 2007 at 12:41 am
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for publication in the detroit news

in "group targets black author's book," is it reported judith krug, director of the office for intellectual freedom of the american library association in chicago, said, "toni morrison is challenged regularly because she is a black author who writes about the real world ... about black issues.... people find these issues threatening," she said.

it is judith krug herself playing the race card to mislead people about the truth. it is judith krug's ala that hints the us supreme court is racist for deciding against the ala in us v. ala, thereby continuing the "digital divide," allegedly.

now she is implying people in howell are racist. she is so effective in her propaganda, that the title of this very article is totally misleading. a truthful title would be "group targets sexually inappropriate books in public school."

the truth is the race of the author or the number of awards she has won is irrelevant to the issue. the issue is the inappropriate material for children contained within the book, and whether public schools should make such material available to children. luminaries such as naomi wolf, author of "the beauty myth," have sadly noted the downward spiral of books for children.

here are some quotes from one of toni morrison's excellent books, just not excellent for children: "when she senses some spasm about to grip him, she will make rapid movements with her hips, press her fingernails into his back and pretend she is having an orgasm. [m]ight wonder again ... what it would be like to have that feeling while her husband's penis is inside her." "she sits reading ... [and the] cat will jump into her lap. she will fondle that soft hill of hair and let the warmth of the animal's body seep over her and into the private areas of her lap. [s]he opens her legs just a little ... perhaps shifting a little together."

mrs. krug, you are purposely misleading the public by claiming parents are objecting to toni morrison's books because she is black. in reality, the people are objecting to the sexually inappropriate material for children, including the bestiality. worse, you and the ala could care less about black authors except as you can use them for your own purposes in promoting your own political agendas. for example, you and the ala say nothing when the castro regime confiscates and literally burns the books of martin luther king, jr. mlk books burning in cuba? silence. bestiality books removed from children in howell but available everywhere else? howell community is attacked for its racism.

howell citizens: the us supreme court said in us v. ala, "the interest in protecting young library users from material inappropriate for minors is legitimate, and even compelling, as all members of the court appear to agree." the court in board of education v. pico found that books containing various ideas may not be kept from children in public schools, but the parties stipulated that pervasively vulgar books may be removed for lack of educational suitability at any time.

howell citizens: to what do you look for guidance? to the us supreme court and your own community standards where you do not give taxpayer supported inappropriate material to children? to judith krug of the ala who is implying you are racist for questioning books by a black author and who said parents who tell their children not to read playboy "don't really care about their kids growing up and learning to think and explore"? did you know it is ala policy to ensure librarians "assume a leadership role" in ensuring children maintain access to "comprehensive, sex-related materials"? judith krug is setting that example.

howell citizens: you are not racist and you are not targeting books by a famous black author. you are properly concerned for the welfare of your children who should not be reading about bestiality and other inappropriate sexual material in public schools. you have the full support of your fellow citizens, the law, and the us supreme court. the ala's attempt to mislead you into voluntarily exposing your children to inappropriate sexual material should be seen for what it is and discounted. the ala, a once great organization, has taken a radical turn that is endangering children in public schools and public libraries nationwide.nbsp; do not let the ala intimidate you into sexualizing your own children. do not let your children be the next victims like those the ala has already strewn about the nation's landscape.

dan kleinman
641 shunpike rd #123
chatham, nj 07928

cc: howell school superintendent, local howell michigan media, author naomi wolf, de facto ala leader judith krug, ala president leslie burger, afa michigan, and town government and the michigan governor under separate cover

bcc: interested others

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