the problem with library pornography

modern brain research reveals critical importance of library filters

by judith a. reisman, ph.d.
author, kinsey, crimes & consequences

pre-1949, never fearing mischief or injury, i played confidently in newark's public parks and casually rode buses alone at dusk.i? 1/2 america's freedom from fear reflected the "public morals" of "we the people."i? 1/2 these freedoms, granted to us by the morals of the greatest generation, were expressed in our sex laws protecting the safety of women and children.

thinking to reduce crime, the 1950 new jersey senate's "commission to investigate the problem of the habitual sex offender" heeded the advice of a cadre of disordered "experts" led by alfred kinsey and emasculated new jersey's "public morals" laws.i? 1/2 new jersey was typical of the rest of our legislatures.i? 1/2 the nationwide end of tough sex crime penalties--from 1950s through the 1970s--unleashed unprecedented increases in sex crime and general crime.

u.s. agencies report a 993% increase in violent crime and 5,171% more confirmed child sex abuse from 1976 to 1999.i? 1/2 in 1999, 67% of confirmed sex victims were children, 64% of forcible sodomy victims were boys under age 12, and at least 4,500 "in school" rapes and sex abuses were reported.

meanwhile, american library association administrators funded by the playboy foundation, turn our public libraries into "dirty book stores" to protect their patron's profits.i? 1/2 but modern brain science discoveries may just return public libraries to the people.

neuropsychologist dr. margaret kemeny's research implicates pornography as precipitating "a cascade of changes in the body that have an impact on health."i? 1/2 this supports former surgeon general everett koop's diagnosis of pornography as a "crushing public health problem."i? 1/2 "violence and pornography" he said, are felonies against the human spirit.i? 1/2 those who commit them "have an appetite for outrage" and devour "what we cling to as civilized life."

gary lynch, university of california at irvine neurologist, corroborates these assessments.i? 1/2 brain research finds that what one sees in three-tenths of a second, "has produced a structural change that is in some ways is as profound as the structural changes one sees in [brain] damage."i? 1/2 it can "leave a trace that will last for years."i? 1/2 brain imaging studies have recently documented "mirror mechanisms" that prove our bodies physiologically mirror, mimic, feel and imbed, erotic or other stimulating scenes we observe closely.i? 1/2 add to this that the human "thinking, reasoning" brain, our prefrontal cortex, does not fully develop until roughly age 25 while the amygdala, the center of emotion, is actively learning from childhood, and you have a recipe for emotional and behavioral dysfunction en masse.

a recent example of such image assaults was reported by the new jersey sunday-star ledger ("pornography in the library," november 2).i? 1/2 gloria morales, a young mother accompanied by her 5 yr-old son, "could not help but notice the [sex] images on [a library computer] screen."i? 1/2 mrs. morales testified "[t]hat image of porn is in my mind forever."

the ledger quotes frank askin, professor of law, mocking morales, saying "tell her she doesn't have to look at it."i? 1/2 however, one unsolicited "look" created a neurochemical imprint.

in 1998 there were at least 245 nonconsensual child victims, due to reckless libraries documented in the " dangerous access " report to congress.i? 1/2 what justice does professor askin offer for the pornographic brain insults unmercifully inflicted on these children? what about the scores of molestation reports?

the ledger quoted jim yardley, president of the morristown-public library and pat tumulty, executive director of the new jersey library association, nimbly trying to costume pornographic stimuli as "information."i? 1/2 but sexual arousal overrides the slow process of cognitive thinking so it is not magically changed into "information."i? 1/2 nor do "privacy" screens supernaturally convert private space sex into public space scholarship.i? 1/2 what type of man practices sexual stimulation in a public library?

despite the fanciful american library association hysteria about children's right to "information," most rational americans want pornography filtered from our libraries.i? 1/2 they instinctively realize that sexual images are not speech since they can be understood and decoded by unlettered children as well as those who do not speak or read english.i? 1/2 drs. koop and the breakthrough brain sciences are "onto something" about pornography harms.

(see website for more detail on the brain and imagery.)

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