no local control in oak lawn, by safelibraries, daily southtown, may 27, 2007


safelibraries has a letter to the editor published in the daily southtown in illinois, right in the heart of ala country. i? 1/2 it involves the current battle over hb1727 to allow communities to control their own libraries instead of the ala. i? 1/2 basically, hb1727 would strongly encourage the use of internet filtering technology on public library filters in illinois libraries. i? 1/2 the ila (illinois library association) opposes this and has stated the main argument against hb1727 is that it prevents local control of libraries. i? 1/2 however, since the librarians who follow the ila and/or the ila actually control the libraries (even to the extent that they can and have shut down internet access in a manner reminiscent of propagandistic blackmail), hb1727 actually takes control away from the librarians and returns it to the communities.

safelibraries was started as a direct result of the efforts of the ala to squelch local control in the oak lawn (il) public library. i? 1/2 first, a father (the other member of safelibraries) asked the library to remove playboy magazine which, among other things, the library made available to children via photocopy . i? 1/2 it refused . i? 1/2 so he got about a thousand signatures. i? 1/2 no good. i? 1/2 an independent town survey was taken - 87% said playboy should go and 94% said children should not access it. i? 1/2 still no change of heart from the library (perhaps it doesn't have one). i? 1/2 the actual town government itself sent a letter to the library . i? 1/2 the library refused to budge.

all the while the head librarian ridiculed the father with his fellow ala "councilors," the ala president thanked the him using more language that made fun of the community , and the de facto 40 year leader of the ala said she was sick of people trying to turn libraries into safe places for children , in the chicago tribune, no less.

clearly, there is no local control, as least in oak lawn, il. i? 1/2 even the town government was snubbed here. i? 1/2 and the children still have access to playboy magazine. i? 1/2 what a coincidence, since " playboy's own sex and violence agenda long funded the american library association and its freedom to read ... campaign ."

in any case, that head librarian was quoted recently as saying he acts on behalf of the community: i? 1/2 "oak lawn public library director jim casey said it's erroneous to say libraries don't care about protecting children.i? 1/2 'we're all concerned about protecting children from porn,' casey said. 'we do what we feel is right based on understanding of our community.'" ( libraries protest filter proposal )i? 1/2

given the above, that is the exact opposite of reality. i? 1/2 people need to know that, especially in light of the tremendous propaganda effort the ila has caused librarians to bring to bear on the entire state of illinois in an possible illegal fashion.

therefore, i wrote the following letter in an effort to try in any way i can to shed light on the truth the ila and others seek to hide:

no local control in oak lawn

in response to stephanie gehring's article (may 15, southtown), i say jim casey is misleading. and he should know.

he was among a group of people who personally ensured children maintained access to playboy magazine (via request for any page range to be photocopied) in the oak lawn public library, despite community wishes. he and the library board ignored a single citizen, then hundreds of citizens, then a town survey, then the mayor of oak lawn himself.

while doing so, he corresponded with his fellow ala councilors to mischaracterize people, and was patted on the head by the ala's president who similarly attacked the citizens of oak lawn.

local control? not a chance in oak lawn. why? jim casey and the ala. this is in part why house bill 1727 is needed.

in my opinion, jim casey falsely claims, "we're all concerned about protecting children from porn," and, "we do what we feel is right based on understanding of our community."

this is what the story reports him as saying. this is propaganda pure and simple.

ask oak lawn mayor dave heilmann if he thinks jim casey cares about children more than the ala agenda mr. casey enforces.

dan kleinman

chatham, nj

thank you all for your help, especially the daily southtown.

dan kleinman
oak lawn, il & chatham, nj

ps:i? 1/2 safelibraries has other articles regarding hb1727 published:
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