the toxic american public library: violating children with i? 1/2 harmful matteri? 1/2

i? 1/2 a clear & present dangeri? 1/2

april 4, 2000

judith a. reisman , ph.d.

the institute for media education

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2

violence and pornography as i? 1/2 atrocities of despairi? 1/2

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 of great interest is the origin of the word i? 1/2 obscene,i? 1/2 greek for i? 1/2 off stagei? 1/2 referring to both violent and graphic sexual scenes. i? 1/2 even the sophisticated athenians understood that there are some things, which should not be shown, or seen. [1]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 stepping on side with the greeks, in his series i? 1/2 bill moyersi? 1/2 world of ideas,i? 1/2 television maven moyers spoke of the nazi use of i? 1/2 literature, plays, and moviesi? 1/2 to program a fascist people. i? 1/2 the transition from things imagined to things real is a very easy one,i? 1/2 he said, i? 1/2 and men, no less than children, will suit action to fantasy.i? 1/2 [2] (september 12, 1988). i? 1/2 i? 1/2 and, in february 1992 the canadian supreme court unanimously ruled that any matter which is i? 1/2 degrading or dehumanizingi? 1/2 should be unlawful as this undermines the equality principle of the canadian constitution.

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 bringing the power of the biological sciences to the support of moyers and the canadian supreme court, in american medical news , no less a medical and behavioral expert than former u.s. surgeon general, dr. c. everett koop, declared violent or pornographic media a i? 1/2 crushing public health problem . . . a clear and present danger ... blatantly anti-human....we must oppose it as we oppose all violence and prejudice.i? 1/2 [3] i? 1/2 koop condemned the common content of american i? 1/2 literature, plays and movies,i? 1/2 specifically because koop was well aware of the body of scientific literature confirming moyersi? 1/2 remark that the i? 1/2 transition from things imagined to things real is a very easy onei? 1/2 in which we i? 1/2 suit action to fantasy.i? 1/2

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 violence and pornography, which is a felony against the human spirit, are the atrocities of despairi? 1/2 dr. koop explained, adding, i? 1/2 the people who commit them have an appetite for outrage. they devour what we cling to as civilized life.i? 1/2 [4] i? 1/2 and, they are devouring our public libraries, creating a i? 1/2 hostile environmenti? 1/2 for normal women, children and men.

dr. koop called for opposition to violent and pornographic media due to the influence of these stimuli upon the fantasy life and the real life i? 1/2 actioni? 1/2 of millions of vulnerable adults and children. i? 1/2

the billions daily invested by advertisers in campaigns to change behavior toward their product and analyzed for sales success or failure provide ongoing empirical and statistical proof that that media imagery shapes, directs and redirects much of human behavior. i? 1/2

such empirical and statistical proofs are fully recognized within the mass media effects, marketing and advertising, professional literatures. the fact that mass media information alters conduct in the direction of the media messages, for good, ill or evil, is not amenable to serious challenge in any legitimate discourse.

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 echoing koopi? 1/2 s warning of the harm from such stimuli, i? 1/2 harmful matteri? 1/2 is found as i? 1/2 313 in the california code, with similar codes in other states. i? 1/2 as seen at left, this law makes illegal the i? 1/2 dissemination, distribution or exhibitioni? 1/2 of material which either appeals to the prurient interesti? 1/2 depicts or describes in a patently offensive way sexual conducti? 1/2 [or] lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors .

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 the code stipulates that if something is i? 1/2 commercially exploited by the defendant for the sake of its prurient appeal, that evidence is probativei? 1/2 and can justify the conclusion that the matter lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors . [5]

i? 1/2 .

while the i? 1/2 taken as a wholei? 1/2 stipulation in i? 1/2 harmful matteri? 1/2 clearly applies to minors, it is relevant to mention that neurologically, each image is a i? 1/2 whole,i? 1/2 containing a beginning, middle and an end, hence any film clip, photograph, cartoon, illustration is a i? 1/2 wholei? 1/2 largely independent of accompanying print information. [6]

extensive data on i? 1/2 harmful matteri? 1/2 are contained in this investigatori? 1/2 s findings of images of children, crime and violence in playboy, penthouse and hustler, 1986 (left), and 1989. i? 1/2 i? 1/2 see attached executive summary of that report as well as the i? 1/2 literature reviewi? 1/2 which provides an vast literature review of findings on the effects of i? 1/2 erotica/pornographyi? 1/2 including i? 1/2 mass mediai? 1/2 research on i? 1/2 children, television and aggression,i? 1/2 cartoons, photographs and the content analysis methodology. i? 1/2 i? 1/2 post 1986 these finding of i? 1/2 harmful matteri? 1/2 have all been fully and fatally substantiated. [7] i? 1/2 i? 1/2

the attorney generali? 1/2 s report on pornography (july 1986) fully documents the effects of violent and i? 1/2 noni? 1/2 violent media as copy cat crimes affecting vulnerable youths and adults. i? 1/2 moreover, hearings at the federal and state levels on pornography harms are only exceeded by similar hearings on television and media effects on juveniles, juvenile crime, juvenile sexual promiscuity and the like. i? 1/2 the surgeon generali? 1/2 s commission report on television and behavior in 1972 and again in 1982 concluded that television was a major factor in facilitating youthful violence.

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 ten years later, in 1992 the american psychological association, commonly known for its libertarian views, delivered its findings on television in big world, small screen , confirming the thousands of prior studies which found that viewing violent television content was predictive of children and adults engaging in increased levels of violence. i? 1/2 of course, all of these studies controlled for alternative variables and found violent images to be a critical predictor for violent conduct.

the hard wired brain

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 the last few decades of research have produced massive discoveries in the field of neurology. i? 1/2 the brain scientists have clearly established the fact that every human really has two brains: the i? 1/2 lefti? 1/2 and the i? 1/2 righti? 1/2 hemisphere. the right hemisphere is often called our i? 1/2 emotionali? 1/2 brain and the left our i? 1/2 thinkingi? 1/2 or rational brain. studies in split-brain behavior established the rush of pornography as a neurochemical response experienced primarily by the right brain.

i? 1/2 every second, 100 million messages bombard the brain carrying information from the bodyi? 1/2 s senses.i? 1/2 [8] i? 1/2 i? 1/2 only a few of these are heeded by i? 1/2 the conscious mind.i? 1/2 only the most importanti? 1/2 or excitingi? 1/2 sense information gets through. i? 1/2 i? 1/2 this suggests why pornography has such an impact on peoplei? 1/2 young and old. when one reaches a state of emotional arousal faster than the body can rally its adaptive reactions, a form of stress follows. [9]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 briefly, the male body is designed to respondi? 1/2 or adapti? 1/2 to blatant female coital signals by engaging in sexual intercourse. anything that increases sexual stress (e.g., sexual signal, sexual shame, sexual fear) triggers known physiological, psychopharmacological mechanisms.

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 in an instant, anxiety mobilizes the brain to marshal the body for defense in this emergency. i? 1/2 crime, remember, must generally be imagined first, largely in the right brain hemisphere (brain image left [10] ) where it is practiced over and over in the mind before attempted on real life victims.

while i? 1/2 the decade of the braini? 1/2 is overi? 1/2 .

the 90s were declared by the u.s. congress i? 1/2 the decade of the brain.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 what we learned about our executive organ from our expensive brain research facilities fully confirms the body of empirical observation passed down to us from biblical times, confirmed cross culturally and even across species and codified in our old common law.

however briefly placing this discussion in the broader history of knowledge, we are, as always, in battle over theologies. i? 1/2 much of this is addressed in my latest book, kinsey, crimes & consequences, in which the history of changes in the laws covering obscenity via the american law institutei? 1/2 s draft model penal code of 1955 are discussed in detail. [11]

as noted, the greeks argued that violence and sex belonged i? 1/2 off stage,i? 1/2 while the mosaic law, warned in deuteronomy 4:15, i? 1/2 take ye therefore good heed unto yourselvesi? 1/2 lest ye corrupt yourselvesi? 1/2 and make you a graven image, the similitude of any figure, the likeness of male or female.i? 1/2

i? 1/2

an event which lasts half a second within five to ten minutes has produced a structural changei? 1/2

the argument in defense of full access to deviant, toxic media is one of i? 1/2 choicei? 1/2 and that one can i? 1/2 turn off the diali? 1/2 if one is offended by actors portraying scenes of copulation, sexual battery or simple sexual posturing and soliciting, as in prostitution. however, the human brain has not rational mechanism with which to i? 1/2 chosei? 1/2 or not to i? 1/2 chosei? 1/2 to see something that reaches their brain-mind-memory, long before they can know what they are seeing, become offended and reach to turn off the offensive image. i? 1/2 dr. daniel goleman's groundbreaking book, emotional intelligence , finds that by the time you reach for the dial the image has made its way into your short or even long term memory:

a visual signal first goes from the retina to the thalamus, before it is translated into the language of the brain. i? 1/2 most of the message then goes to the visual cortex, where it is analyzed and assessed for meaning and appropriate response; if that response is emotional , a signal goes to the amygdala to activate the emotional centers.i? 1/2

but a smaller portion of the original signal goes straight from the thalamus to the amygdala in a quicker transmission i? 1/2 of an] emotional response before the cortical centers have fully understood what is happening .i? 1/2 [12]

neurologist i? 1/2 david galin wonders which hemisphere willi? 1/2 gain control of the shared functions and dominate overt behaviori? 1/2 ? [13] neuropsychologist a.r. luria provides the answer that serves as the thesis of this paper:

[p]rocesses of excitation taking place in the waking cortex obey a law of strength , according to which every strong ( or biologically significant ) stimulus evokes a strong response, while every weak stimulus evokes a weak response: [14]

and, as the brain knows no present, the experience i? 1/2 conjures up images of scenes the past,, [15] even a fleeting second or two of observation. i? 1/2 as neurologist gary lynch of the university of california at irvine explains:

what we're saying here is that an event which lasts half a second within five to ten minutes has produced a structural change that is in some ways as profound as the structural changes one sees in [brain] damage. [16]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 this rudimentary neurological observation by lynch, addresses the brain's processing of visual stimuli in the award winning program series, i? 1/2 the brain: learning and memory,i? 1/2 broadcast by the annenberg/cpb collection. [17] i? 1/2 lynchi? 1/2 s research is critical for any evaluation of todayi? 1/2 s toxic media--images versus print and i? 1/2 speech.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 understanding media effects is neither i? 1/2 liberali? 1/2 nor i? 1/2 conservative,i? 1/2 but a matter of life and death. i? 1/2

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 the paducah , kentucky murderer, michael carneal, is a symbolic profile of a growing cadre of boy killers, an internet i? 1/2 nerd,i? 1/2 identifying with nazism, demonic music; the occult, violent video games; violent films, and pornography. i? 1/2 these bloodthirsty, upscale, well-educated boys bring to memory a similar profile, a youthful national mind, created by adolph hitler in nazi germany. i? 1/2

i? 1/2 propaganda must be addressed to the emotions and not to the intelligencei? 1/2

so, it should not surprise to find that our modern variants of hitleri? 1/2 s nazi youth are racist, anti-christian, misogynists who use the nazi insignia and laugh as they point at and gun down unarmed young girls. i? 1/2 the nazi youth, under hitleri? 1/2 s demonic influence, were taught that their parentsi? 1/2 morality and religious beliefs were old fashioned and useless and that killing was their right as super-men.

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 the press reports now confirm that most of the suburban teens who have killed unarmed school children are followers of hitler and marilyn manson, the self-described satanic rock musician who musicalized hitleri? 1/2 s fascist creed. i? 1/2 how then did hitler create the nazi youth? i? 1/2 as you read adolphi? 1/2 s method for building heartless killers, ponder todayi? 1/2 s toxic images. i? 1/2 he said:

propaganda must be addressed to the emotions and not to the intelligence and it must concentrate on a few simple themes.... with lurid photographs of the.... sexual and physical. [18]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 the i? 1/2 lurid photographs of the.... sexual and physicali? 1/2 dominating our entertainment landscape certainly fit hitleri? 1/2 s requirements. but there is a more intimate similarity between the new killers and hitleri? 1/2 s youth. i? 1/2 german i? 1/2 sexologist,i? 1/2 wilheim reich reported how those i? 1/2 lurid picturesi? 1/2 were used: i? 1/2 i? 1/2 nazi youth.... practice self-excitement by means of pornographic pictures at fourteen years of age; perform coitus under archways, in cellars or alleysi? 1/2 . [19]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 mere black and white pictures programmed these nazi youths into their heterophobic, fear based future conduct. i? 1/2 their pornography was i? 1/2 soft,i? 1/2 commonly experienced in their later teen years, and primitive by todayi? 1/2 s standards. i? 1/2 modern sadosexual image-makers create a i? 1/2 virtual realityi? 1/2 far beyond anything humans normally experience--a i? 1/2 clear and present dangeri? 1/2 in restructuring the human brain.

i? 1/2 [f]eeling is a stimulus to muscular action....ideas act as motorsi? 1/2 i? 1/2

the prefrontal cortex, our rational i? 1/2 command center,i? 1/2 largely works to maintain health and control the psyche. [20] i? 1/2 even in 1889 scientists understood that media images stir the i? 1/2 feelingsi? 1/2 (right hemisphere) of viewers often leading to copycat action by bypassing the left, rational brain hemisphere. i? 1/2 that is, neuroscientists have evidentially established the fact that exciting images penetrate the brain's right hemisphere, triggering visceral, red-alert responses that inevitably subvert the more difficult left-hemisphere tasks of reason, debate and dialogue.

[f]eeling is a stimulus to muscular action....ideas act as motors....[and] it may be laid i? 1/2 down as a rule, that, if any two mental states be called up together, or in succession, with due frequency and vividness, the subsequent production of the one of them will suffice to call up the other, and that whether we desire it or not. [21]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 as biologically stimulating imagery immediately elicit right hemisphere responses and as the emotional brain overwhelms left hemisphere reasoning and cognition, speech is subverted by these stimulating visual media experiences. i? 1/2 richard restak writes on inhibition and the healthy brain:

inhibition rather than excitation is the hallmark of the healthy brain.... if all the neurons in the brain were excitatory we would be unable to do something as simple as reaching out for a glass of water. [22]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 popular films such as i? 1/2 basketball diaries,i? 1/2 i? 1/2 matrix,i? 1/2 i? 1/2 natural born killers,i? 1/2 (nbk) and i? 1/2 southpark,i? 1/2 much television and visual data on the internet, violent and sexual video games, are i? 1/2 excitatoryi? 1/2 anxiety-provoking brain experiences. i? 1/2 real life fall-out supports the conclusion that earlier laws prohibiting such excitatory/anxiety provoking stimuli were based on sound empirical observation. i? 1/2 many vulnerable people psychopharmacologically altered by violent and/or sexual stimuli, do harm themselves and/or others.

i? 1/2 in a matter of secondsi? 1/2 a modest signal, a wordi? 1/2 can...leave a trace that will last for years.i? 1/2 [23]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 experience confirms what science magazine reported. i? 1/2 maintaining normal brain function.... requires a delicate balancing act: too much neuronal activity can be as bad as too little .i? 1/2 [24] i? 1/2 the more thoroughly inhibitory transmitters are in control during youth, the grater the opportunity for the childi? 1/2 s developing brain to learn and grow--normally. i? 1/2 to that point, allowing the still vulnerable i? 1/2 plastici? 1/2 brains of children and youth to be exposed in libraries, schools, book stores, restaurants or any other venue, to toxic, psychopharmacologically arousing pornography must be totally reevaluated. i? 1/2 consider the effects of internet pornography in the library or of films like bd and nbk on angry, young boys who see no difference between wrong or right, moral or immoral, when brain researcher gary lynch, says:

in a matter of seconds, taking an incredibly modest signal, a word.... which is in your head as an electrical signal for no more than a few seconds can...leave a trace that will last for years. [25]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 david gottlieb reported in scientific american , that one of the most important functions of the nervous system is to inhibit human excitation : i? 1/2 nerve cells not only excite their neighbors but also inhibit them.... to prevent a runaway spree of neural firing. i? 1/2 [26] i? 1/2 such a i? 1/2 runaway spree of neural firingi? 1/2 would occur experiencing library pornography, marilyn mansoni? 1/2 s music, bd and nbk, violent or sexual video games, pornography or other television materials. i? 1/2

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 says gottlieb; inhibitory transmitters are so "widespread in the brain and spinal cord they must fulfill a significant function.i? 1/2 . i? 1/2 in his public broadcasting system production, [27] mind & body (february 1993), bill moyers examined how deeply felt emotions affect health. i? 1/2 the destructive impact of emotionally freighted sadosexual media is surely what our forebears feared about i? 1/2 entertainment,i? 1/2 even without the current technology of movement, color, and i? 1/2 virtual reality.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 states of mind like sadness may have a counterpart hidden within the brain.i? 1/2 [28]

i? 1/2 anytime we feeli? 1/2 thinki? 1/2 imagine anythingi? 1/2 activity in the braini? 1/2 is taking place in the bodyi? 1/2

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 we feel films and other visual media organically , reprocessed chemically and electrically in our brains, minds, memories and bodies. i? 1/2 a recent study of i? 1/2 smells of joy versus feari? 1/2 found viewing the movies i? 1/2 ace ventura, pet detective,i? 1/2 and i? 1/2 indiana jones and the temple of doom i? 1/2 produced distinctly different body odors. i? 1/2 supporting common wisdom, the former happy film yielded a more i? 1/2 sweeti? 1/2 and the latter fear film a more i? 1/2 fouli? 1/2 odor. [29] i? 1/2 ucla psychologist, dr. margaret kemeny cites ways the brain would be impacted by exposure to violent, sexual, altruistic or religious media imagery at school, at home and elsewhere.

i? 1/2 although it seems intangible, anytime we feel anything, anytime we think anything, anytime we imagine anything, there is activity in the brain that is taking place in the body at that time. i? 1/2 that activity can then lead to a cascade of changes in the body that have an impact on health.i? 1/2 [30]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 modern brain scanners provide evidence of the increasingly baleful effect of common media imagery on psyches and conduct. i? 1/2 writing in endangered minds, why our children don't think, educational psychologist jane haley, again demonstrates the obvious. i? 1/2 as the human brain--especially when young--"is plastic.... large areas of uncommitted brain tissue can be the demands of a particular environment.i? 1/2 [31] i? 1/2

and, the ala has conflict of economic and philosophical interest

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 playboyi? 1/2 s own sex and violence agenda long funded the american library association and its freedom i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 to read, [32] campaign. i? 1/2 such a conflict of interest becomes significant when the ala seeks to bring into our libraries previously prohibited i? 1/2 harmful matteri? 1/2 produced by one of its legal patrons.

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 viewing coarse, graphic, violent or sexual pictures structurally shapes and alters the child brain/mind/memory, with brain tissue i? 1/2 moldedi? 1/2 by excitatory, anxiety provoking media. [33] i? 1/2 for roughly four decades our children have been guinea pigs for i? 1/2 entertainmenti? 1/2 brain experiments. i? 1/2 the disastrous results are seen all around us. i? 1/2 they can no longer be denied. i? 1/2

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 that the ala is in direct conflict with the majority of the tax paying public is visible by studying not only the hostile reactions of the polity to the current ala turning our public libraries into local dirty book stores monopolies, but to the concerns of the public regarding the media as i? 1/2 harmful matteri? 1/2 which should not be provided to vulnerable adults or youths. i? 1/2

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 the reader is directed to dr. ted baehr i? 1/2 s recent report, the media wise family chariot/victor, colorado springs , col. 1998, from which the two charts (left) on public views of the media were taken. i? 1/2 not only did 87% of top media executives admit media violence contributes to social violence, fully 92% of children under 18 wanted less television sex, evidence of the mediai? 1/2 s anxiety provoking powers. i? 1/2 if children have such distress about televisioni? 1/2 which they can control to some extent in their private homes, how are they affected when the adults in their lives allow sexual deviants to use their cherished public spacei? 1/2 their library--as a harbor to huddle behind what the ala euphemistically calls i? 1/2 privacyi? 1/2 screens?

these public concerns are fully supported by the scientific data while the denials of the pornographically connected ala are without viable historical, logical or scholarly support. i? 1/2 real life crimes amongst children have skyrocketed, as most americans know. i? 1/2 the subsequent call for gun control instead of media control is more smoke and mirrors. i? 1/2

guns have not changed in their ability to kill. i? 1/2 american youths carried guns for generations without killing one another. moreover, the media silence about the outrageous 1994 reports from the department of justice of 12,000 rape and sex abuse reports i? 1/2 inside school building or on school property.i? 1/2 jumping to 19,000 such reports in 1999 does not implicate i? 1/2 gunsi? 1/2 as the weapons of violent attack. [34] i? 1/2 the causal effect of our toxic media on children, parents, teachers, legislators, doctors, and the overall polity does explain the increased level of social toxicity.

writing in stop teaching our kids to kill , lt. col. dave grossman and gloria degaetano document the long road of effort to curtail the irresponsible mass media in its love affair with i? 1/2 harmful matter,i? 1/2 graphic sex and violence. i? 1/2 the authors issue i? 1/2 a call to action against tv, movie and video game violence.i? 1/2 i? 1/2

the two charts at left documenting the exponential increase in juvenile crime and violence is taken from their book. [35] i? 1/2 my research establishes these u.s. department of justice data from 1965 to 1995 as much lower than the real rates of sexual and non-sexual crimes by and against children. [36]

the sharp increase in crime among girls is clearly not a function of more available i? 1/2 gunsi? 1/2 but a function of other forms of environmental toxinsi? 1/2 often identified by the research as toxic media. recognizing i? 1/2 obscenityi? 1/2 as inappropriate violence as well as inappropriate sexual content, note that on march 24, 2000, congressman joseph r. pitts (r-pa) spoke on the floor of the us congress regarding the dearth of obscenity prosecutions (all 93 us attorneys were replaced by attorney general reno), saying that:

i? 1/2 pornographers in this country make more money than rock and country music combined.i? 1/2 i? 1/2

i? 1/2 pornographers bring in more dollars in a year than all broadway productions, all theater shows, all ballet, jazz and classical music combinedi? 1/2 . the supreme court has ruled that obscenity is not protected by the first amendment. federal law prohibits interstate transportation and distribution of obscenity.i? 1/2 i? 1/2

i? 1/2 yeti? 1/2 in 1997 there were but six prosecutions by all ninety-three u.s. attorneys. i? 1/2 the cause and effect between pornography and crime is clearly established. i? 1/2 i? 1/2 rape and child abuse are only the worst consequences of this filth. i? 1/2 the president must enforce the lawi? 1/2 (emphasis in the original). [37]

in his 1983 book the media monopoly , ben bagdikian reports:

i? 1/2 editorially, corporate causes almost invariably become news media causes. i? 1/2 among the most commonly suppressed news items each year are stories involving corporations that are reported in minor publications but are not given serious attention in the major media.i? 1/2 [38]

well, corporate pornography is documented as a billion dollar commercial enterprise, financially allied with most major media outlets. i? 1/2 the original new york vs. ferber decision to legalize child pornography appeared only in one small nyt story while the pornography used in rapes and murders seldom gets reported by the major media. i? 1/2 corporate pornography influences communications as well as some legislators and the judiciary at least as much as did j.p. morgani? 1/2 s 1915 steal interests. we now know that pornography renders women and children i? 1/2

call for a moritorium on distribution of violent and sexual imagery

given the long history of inequality women have suffered because of their sex, and based upon the principles fully articulated in americai? 1/2 s founding law orders, women and children's rights should outweigh those of the accused entertainment, sex and violence industry elite. i? 1/2

women and children, as equal citizens of these united states of america , must have the right to :

i? 1/2 (1 ) respecti? 1/2 ful, honest portrayals as people with hearts and souls, problems and dreams by the media--not as sex or violence objects nor as aggressors of violence and/or of ridicule; (2) protection by law of the psychological sense of privacy that now is violated by i? 1/2 exhibitionsi? 1/2 of sexual privacy for voyeurs in public forums: (3) a healthy, non-exploitive environment conducive to personal growth; and (4 ) the presumption that a casual relationship exists between the sado sexual media environment and the growing incidence of child abuse, physical and psychological rape, unless fully proven otherwise . [39]

these rights must be weighed against the relative right of the violence-sex industries to produce violence and pornography for fun and/or profit and the relative 'right' of the captive consumer to consume hostile, misogynistic and anti child propaganda.

denial of these human rights by the entertainment industry and by the ala may be reasonably seen by thoughtful persons as reflecting personal interests and a callous, unacceptable and toxic level of contempt for the lives of all women and children. i? 1/2

i? 1/2 sesamei? 1/2 and librarian elites

i? 1/2 sesame, i? 1/2 survivors of educator sexual abuse and misconduct emerge,i? 1/2 is i? 1/2 a voice for the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment of students by teachers and other school staff.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 the group includes both direct victims of educator abuse and their families, organized to inform americans about the toxic fallout from giving unquestioned authority to those in positions of educational guidance over children.i? 1/2

during an era of serous sexual addiction and dysfunction, estimated by some at as high as 50% of our male population and a smaller but significant number of our female population, [40] allowing any adult to provide sadosexual, violent or sexual information to children, places those children at risk. i? 1/2

an informed and sophisticated distrust of any who would give children such material is vital to childreni? 1/2 s health and welfare. i? 1/2 when the material given to the child by an educator (i? 1/2 librariani? 1/2 ) is that which could not legally be provided by another adult to the child under law, to those concerned with child protection, such a provider of i? 1/2 harmful matteri? 1/2 becomes suspect. i? 1/2

as seen, left, sesame provides extensive documentation for the charge that direct sexual assault of children has become too common within the education establishment, an establishment which includes the school and public library. i? 1/2 i? 1/2 up to 18% of boys and 80% of girls self-identified as sexually abused for one survey reported in the journal of education research , including 14% who claimed sexual relations with an educator. i? 1/2

whether these numbers are exaggerated or not, educator sexual abuse is a major problem, increasing with the mainstreaming of pornographic stimuli. i? 1/2 i? 1/2 based on the foregoing as well as this latter concern, there is no longer any justification for special rights for librarians to expose children to i? 1/2 harmful matter.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 see endnote 28 addressing abraham lincolni? 1/2 s definition of and law restricting sexually explicit materials as well as the discussion of new york vs. ferber (1982) for the unlimited access called for by elite i? 1/2 speechi? 1/2 advocates, endangering childreni? 1/2 s health, welfare and liberty.

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 a five-year moratorium on all exhibitions of all sadosexual, sexual and violent themes and removal of all such existing themes from public space is called for to ascertain the increase or decrease in sexual harassment, rape, incest, child pornography, the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, murder, rape-mutilation-murder and the like. i? 1/2 state and federal authorities, subject to review and analysis, should keep full records by a publicly selected group representing all sides of this life and death debate. i? 1/2 anything less, this author argues, reflects a callous disregard toward the probable breeding of a mass population of rapist, mutilator murderers. i? 1/2 such a disordered population will prey on innocent women and children, and, in the most practical manner, render unequal their lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness. [41]

i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 violence and pornography are, indeed as former surgeon general koop argued, i? 1/2 atrocities of despair.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 so, it is criminal that the american public library is today a major conduit of toxic environmental contagion, transmitting i? 1/2 harmful matteri? 1/2 to children as well as the pandemic numbers of vulnerable adults who would prey upon them. i? 1/2 i? 1/2 we must respect the wisdom of history, if not the massive media data and do as the greeks and our biblical forebears warned, re-establish the understanding that pornography and violence, as obscenity, belong unseen, i? 1/2 off stage.i? 1/2


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[4] david scott, ed., symposium on media violence and pornography (media action group, inc., toronto , 1984, p. 142. given some known physiological responses to anger, fear, sex, and shame, the question we should ask is at what point does a picture violate the human spirit? i? 1/2 our emergency defense system is triggered during any high arousal state. one could measure a personi? 1/2 s vital signs for the difference between i? 1/2 readingi? 1/2 time magazine and i? 1/2 viewingi? 1/2 playboy. in this test, if one responds similarly to both time and playboy, a level of desensitization (or habituation) has generally been reached. when the brain adapts to a novel sensation, arousal is dramatically reduced. it is then necessary to seek out more novel, exciting experiences (i.e., more hostile, violent, shameful pornography) in order to satisfy the desire for that i? 1/2 high.i? 1/2

koop, speaking of violence and pornography-related atrocities, said,i? 1/2 he referred to pornography and violence as one, deliberately choosing words of stress and anxiety. writing in the color atlas of physiology (1981), drs. despopoulos and silbernagl gave us another description of the bodyi? 1/2 s physiological stress responses similar to what could also be a response to pornography:

[5] " matter" means any book, magazine, newspaper, video recording or other printed or written material or any picture, drawing, photograph or motion picture, or other pictorial representation or any statue or other figure, or any recording, transcription, or mechanicali? 1/2 . "matter" also includes live or recorded telephone messages when transmitted, disseminated, or distribi? 1/2 uted as part of a commercial transaction.

[6] judith reisman, images of children, crime and violence in playboy, penthouse and hustler, published in 1986 ( preventing sexual abuse, summer 1986) and again in 1989. i? 1/2 i? 1/2 from 1954 to 1984, 6,004 images of children were interspersed with 15,000 images of crime and violence, 35,000 female breasts and 9,000 female genitalia, establishing the brain-mind-memory sadosexual links which are now typical of film and video productions. i? 1/2 this report was cited by massachusetts attorney general james shannon in his successful child pornography argument before the united states supreme court in oakes v. massachusetts . i? 1/2 i? 1/2 our study was to determine how i? 1/2 pornography and violence in the media affect the incidence of sexual abuse/exploitation, family violence and juvenile delinquency,i? 1/2 carried out at the university in washington , dc . the project was funded through the office of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention (ojjdp) u.s. dei? 1/2 partment of justice.

[7] serial rapist-murderer ted bundy illustrated this danger in january 1989 when he talked to psychologist dr. james dobson on the eve of his execution. bundy maintained that i? 1/2 drug store pornographyi? 1/2 helped change a vulnerable boy into the brutal mass murderer of over thirty women and girls: this is the message i want to get across, that as a young boy, and i mean a boy of twelve and thirteen certainly, that i encountered . . . in the local grocery store, in a local drug store, the soft-core pornography that people call i? 1/2 soft-corei? 1/2 .... what i am talking about happened twenty, thirty years ago in my formative stages.i? 1/2

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[9] chemicals seep into the pituitary gland, releasing a stress hormone known as adrenocorticotropic hormone (acth). scores of other neurochemicals are sped into action as well, notably adrenaline and noradrenaline. the bronchial tubes relax and open for deeper breathing. blood sugar is increased for maximum energy. the heart beats faster and contracts strongly; stress will i? 1/2 arouse [all] vital organs.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 a vital organ is any single structure of the body that performs some specific function, like kidneys, lungs, heart, and sexual organs. so anything that stresses the body, good or bad, will alert the gate keeping organs of sight, sound, and sex. i? 1/2 muscles contract and blood pressure rises. the eye pupils dilate i? 1/2 widelyi? 1/2 to improve vision as the body organizes to meet an emergency. at red-alert, in a flight-or-fight mode, we can i? 1/2 now perform feats of strength and endurance far beyond . . . normal capacity.i? 1/2 as noted earlier, neurologists now know that the right, or visual, hemisphere is primarily our i? 1/2 feelingi? 1/2 agent (e.g., passionate, emotional, irrational), while the left, or speech, hemisphere is our i? 1/2 thinkingi? 1/2 agent (e.g., analytical, organizational, self-governing). recent data strongly suggest that females are normally more i? 1/2 bilaterali? 1/2 than are males. it has long been known that males are particularly dependent on their right hemisphere, responding, for example, to visual stimuli with more vigor and speed than females. this is perhaps a required ability due to the male-as-protector role to provide superior, visual-spatial skills. world renowned neurologist jerre levy sheds some light on male susceptibility to pornography, saying that i? 1/2 because of the difficulty [males] may have in communicating between their two hemispheres, they may have restricted verbal access to the emotional world.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 although the impact of consuming violent and promiscuous, sexually-oriented entertainment has been made light of in the last four decades, brain researchers nonetheless note that i? 1/2 the sex hormones are among the most subtle and powerful chemicals in nature. and it is only in the past ten years that scientists have begun to get a handle on how profoundly throughout life they affect the human brain/body system.i? 1/2

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[34] i? 1/2 i? 1/2 dear dr. reisman: i? 1/2 according to our data, there were approximately 12,000 rapes in or around schools in 1994. in 1999 (the most recent data that we have), there were over 19,000 rapes that occurred in or around schools. this information came from the national criminal victimization survey. i? 1/2 you can access the 1994 data in the report "criminal victimization in the united states , 1994," . the data can be found in table 63 (which is located on page 61). for the 1999 data, you can take a look at "criminal victimization in the united states , 1999 statistical tables." national crime victimization survey, january 2001. i? 1/2 in fact, the precise definition was that these sex crimes occurred, i? 1/2 inside school building or on school property.i? 1/2 ken m, information specialist, ncjrs. i? 1/2 email received 7/23/2001.

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[39] march 3, 1865 president abraham lincoln bans all i? 1/2 obscenei? 1/2 materials one month before his april 14 assassination, terrence j. murphy, in censorship, government and obscenity observed: during the civil war the volume of such mail [obscenity] increased greatly. i? 1/2 pornographers were attempting to exploit the loneliness of the union soldiers away from home. i? 1/2 consequently....president lincoln signed into law.... i? 1/2 legislation controlling obscenity on march 3, 1865....the lincoln law.... i? 1/2 outlawed obscenity [39] within the united states . i? 1/2 the public and the 1933 and 1934 court in ulysses understood i? 1/2 obscenei? 1/2 as i? 1/2 tending to stir the sex impulses or to lead to sexually impure and lustful thoughtsi? 1/2 lincolni? 1/2 s postal laws said, material i? 1/2 of a vulgar and indecent character,i? 1/2 signifying i? 1/2 lustfuli? 1/2 as well as i? 1/2 sexually impure.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 f ined $75,000 and/or imprisoned for i? 1/2 obscenityi? 1/2 in i? 1/2 chap. lxxxii? 1/2 act relating to the postal laws sec. 16,i? 1/2 lincoln i? 1/2 s law read:

and be it further enacted, that no obscene book, pamphlet, picture, print, other publication of a vulgar and indecent character, shall be admitted into the mails of the united states: any person or persons who shall deposit or cause to be deposited, in any post-office or branch post-office of the united states, for mailing or for delivery, an obscene book, pamphlet, picture, print, or other publication, knowing the same to be of a vulgar and indecent character, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, being duly convinced thereof, shall for every such offense be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, according to the circumstances and aggravations of the offense. [39]

a fine of $500 (roughly $75,000 in 1865 [39] ), the possibility of lifetime poverty as an ex-felon, plus the brutal prison treatment of the time, would have severely restrained the obscenity traffic. i? 1/2 fourteen years later, in united states v. bennett, (1879) the court ruled that i? 1/2 the matter must be regarded as obscene, if it would have a tendency to suggest impure and libidinous thoughts . . .and thus deprave and corrupt their morals.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 while lincoln i? 1/2 s law banned obscenity via the mails, importation of all i? 1/2 lustfuli? 1/2 materials had long been censored as violating america i? 1/2 s common law. i? 1/2 while lincoln i? 1/2 s i? 1/2 datai? 1/2 was bible-based, this turns out to be a neurologically accurate analysis of the i? 1/2 eyei? 1/2 as the window to emotion, or the soul. i? 1/2 an image, channeled in 3/10 th of a second via the eye, has changed the physical structure of the vieweri? 1/2 s brain, and will often be i? 1/2 copiedi? 1/2 in action. i? 1/2 hence, sexually licentious materials [39] were seen to be harmful to vulnerable individuals and thus all of society.

[40] see the extensive literature on i? 1/2 sex addictioni? 1/2 typified by patrick carnes, the sexual addiction, compcare publications minneapolis minnesota, 1983, identifying the link to pornography, p. 51, 95, as well as reisman, soft porn plays hard ball, 1991, images of children, crime and violence in playboy, penthouse and hustler (1986, 1989, kinsey, crimes & consequences (1998, 2000, etc.

[41] see original monograph by judith a. reisman (bat-ada), i? 1/2 freedom of speech as mythology or quill pen and parchment thinking in an electronic environment,i? 1/2 published in the new york university review of law and social change, colloquium on i? 1/2 violent pornography: degradation of women versus right of free speech,i? 1/2 1978-1979. i? 1/2 note the canadian ruling. i? 1/2 it was i? 1/2 historici? 1/2 but few know about it via the mainstream press. i? 1/2 they disallow anything i? 1/2 degrading or dehumanizingi? 1/2 or which might i? 1/2 cause harm.i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 i? 1/2 now, the only problem is what is degrading. i? 1/2 i? 1/2 relevant to the i? 1/2 scientifici? 1/2 conference, anything that is i? 1/2 expliciti? 1/2 but which has i? 1/2 scientific, artistic or literary meriti? 1/2 may be allowed in canada .

recall how far the pornography industry will go. i? 1/2 in new york v. ferber (1982) children of all ages were allowed in i? 1/2 simulated or real sexual intercourse, sexual bestiality, lewd exhibition of the genitals, sadomasochistic abusei? 1/2 and so on. i? 1/2 the highest court in new york, the new york court of appeals ruled 5-2 to legalize such abuse and the us supreme court finally ruled in 1982 that while the children were redefined as i? 1/2 actors,i? 1/2 the pornographers argument, they were still children and subject to harm. i? 1/2 aclu attorney, harold p. fahringer, one i? 1/2 of the northridge lawyers teaching the students, took this case to the us supreme court, arguing for full use of childreni? 1/2 the three male lawyers at the conference all have fought for no age limitsi? 1/2 the forth, marjorie heins would also allow child access via the reno case, as far as i recall. i? 1/2 there is no boundary.

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