"parents who would tell their children not to read playboy 'don't really care about their kids growing up and learning to think and explore.'"
9/18/95 citizen , quoting judith krug ,
ala director of oif .
link/legal notice .

effects of ala policy: list of crimes and filters in libraries and schools ; please help an 8 year old library crime victim .

apa online - click for sexualization report
another effect is the sexualization of children . see: report of the apa task force on the sexualization of girls

see for yourself

video: "so what" if children view porn, and other excuses for sexualizing children

the o'reilly factor : "library porn?" - feb 7, 2007: watch the library lawyer lying ! read the "so what" transcript .

is geoffrey nathan an ala-trained lawyer-propagandist ? watch him lie, get caught in the lies, than change his answers. watch him explain why libraries should ignore the law and allow children to watch hardcore pornography on public library computers! as he says, "so what?" !! watch him claim local libraries need to write ordinances or bylaws to stop this while admitting the ala stops the local governments from acting to protect children.

video news reports of library crimes nationwide

look at video investigative reports like these, some with video news reports of internet crimes in progress in public libraries, each having a common thread hidden from view--the ala:

chicago, il: " pornography at the library ," by julie unruh, wgn tv, 26 november 2008.

st. paul, mn: - " 10-year-old girl molested at st. paul library ," by nicole muehlhausen, kaal tv, 15 august 2008. a 10-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in a st. paul library wednesday afternoon. the girl told police she was molested in a bathroom at the riverview library on east george street around 3:30 p.m.

hartford, ct: - " librarian defends viewing porn at library; chief librarian cites first amendment rights ," by wfsb.com channel 3 eyewitness news, 23 may 2008. "channel 3's dennis house asked chief librarian louise blalock if pornographic web sites should be blocked at the library. 'libraries across the country support first amendment rights,' she said." even if it results in rape of an 11 year old girl ? it is so bad the librarians went public and the police chief has told the public to call the police despite what the library says. see more stories on this at http://delicious.com/plan2succeed/hartfordct .

san antonio, tx: - " sa public library porn viewing has some upset ," by ksat 12 news, 20 may 2008. "according to library officials, user logs provided to ksat 12 news show that less than 1 percent of all the sites viewed on its computers were of sexually explicit web sites , but some parents are angry that any are allowed to be viewed in the same libraries their children use. 'i'm angry,' district 4 city councilman philip cortez said. ' obviously, the current policy is not working and we need to look at more aggressive approaches. '"

lindsay, ca: - " lindsay librarian fired for reporting man viewing child porn ," by kgpe cbs 47 fresno, 13 mar 2008.

among the dozens and dozens of stories about this lindsay, ca, librarian firing are also about a dozen news videos to watch in local and national media including the initial story, the community holding public vigils to support the librarian, and family friendly libraries awarding the fired librarian a gold star award, as presented by the lindsay government .

new bedford, ma: - " authorities slam release of accused despite rough childhood ," by joe cohen, the standard-times (ma), 1 feb 2008. six year old raped within feet of his mother by a low iq psych patient who "somehow bypassed" the filters. that's the library director's excuse in a library with a written policy against filtering in an ala article naming safelibraries.org: " massachusetts library revisits security after child molested ," by the ala, american libraries, 8 feb 2008.

hudson, fl: - " family shocked by web images at library ," by mike deeson, tampa bay's 10, 4 jan 2008. "cherry toler, a pasco county mother, says she is dumfounded. she can't believe it would happen at a public place. toler is talking about what happened when her husband todd took their ten-year-old, sierra, to pasco public library. todd toler noticed there was a guy sitting there and he had some pornographic stuff on the computer. toler also says he noticed he had his hand on his pants."

franklin county, oh: - " libraries tightening security to curb lewd incidents; franklin county records show 11 cases of indecent exposure in past 17 months ," by tracy townsend, 10 wbns-tv, 24 may 2007. "wbns-tv (channel 10) reviewed all police reports pertaining to sex- or indecency related complaints in franklin county libraries from jan. 1, 2006, to april 15 of this year. eighteen were found, including 11 in which police or witnesses said individuals exposed themselves.

boston, ma: - " hank investigates: porn in public ," 7 whdh-tv, 1 may 2007. "an exclusive, hidden camera investigation uncovers disturbing pictures your children may see in public places! hank phillippi ryan found explicit videos, adult content and even pictures of nude teens but who job is it to keep your children away? hank investigates 'porn in public.'"

syracuse, ny: - " sex offender arrested at library ," newschannel 9 wsyr, 1 mar 2007. again, another librarian hero, clara burton, sure to be condemned by the ala: "burton looked up [the criminal's] name after he signed in to use a computer [because he was acting suspicious]. she found him on the sex offender registry website. she then called police. "

marshfield, ma: - " man accused of watching child porn at library ," cbs 42, 27 feb 2007. "in the middle of a library packed with kids, a man is arrested for online [child] porn. .... librarians say this incident is a good example of why certain sites need to be blocked. "

boston, ma: - " assaults, x-rated incidents occuring at library; banned patrons return repeatedly ," wcbv-tv 5abc, 23 feb 2007. "assaults, thefts and even x-rated incidents are happening within the walls of boston's public library."

minneapolis, mn: - " child porn sting at minneapolis library ," wcco cbs, 22 feb 2007. librarians are the heroes in this must-see video news story. they fully filter and monitor. they caught someone who evaded the filters. they added the filters after tv news showed repeated violations. they say filters are working fine. no false claims of censorship or first amendment violations. and they assisted the police! these are all things the ala advises libraries not to do!! these librarians deserve an award for defying ala policy and defending the local community! this is a model library!!!

rochester, ny: - " i-team 10: public library porn policy ," 10nbc, 19 feb 2007. " with a hidden camera, we made a half dozen trips to the library, and on nearly every visit, we found someone looking at porn . .... after seeing our footage, state police investigators took [a criminal] into custody on saturday. 'he was videotaped by news 10 watching little boys in underwear and naked pictures of them for a lengthy period of time a couple weeks ago.'" naturally, the aclu is riding to the rescue of the criminals. see " aclu knocks brooks on library porn stance ," by joseph spector, rochester democrat and chronicle , 22 feb 2007: "forsyth said the aclu may consider suing the library if it doesn't allow adults to get web sites unblocked." so much for local control, right? see also " library porn policy stuns monroe exec; brooks threatens to pull funds over access to blocked web sites ," by joseph spector, rochester democrat and chronicle , 22 feb 2007, and " why no porn on paper? ," whec-tv news10, 23 feb 2007: typical library lie to keep children sexualized-- "'we choose not to carry penthouse because it doesn't fall in with our collection policy, but we also can't control what is on the internet ,' says patricia uttaro, assistant to the library director." this library claims to be cipa complaint --apparently it is not, so we will report the library for cipa compliance failure by calling (888) 203-8100 .

it is not surprising the former virginia aclu president charles rust-tierney was himself arrested for downloading child pornography , and he was involved in the case underlying us v. ala ! no wonder the aclu supports criminals! rust-tierney argued " individuals will continue to behave responsibly and appropriately while in the library, [so] the default should be maximum, unrestricted access to the valuable resources of the internet ." and we're all supposed to be frightened by aclu criminals supporting criminals?

denver, co: - " some offended by library pornography access ," by arturo santiago, cbs4, 17 feb 2007. "an adult male was on an internet pornography site at the schlessman family branch library recently. library patron nancy strear saw him. 'i don't believe [this] is the right place for pornography, within a couple of feet of where parents were standing with small children ,' strear said. .... a small group, including strear, is trying to change library policy by handing out flyers to inform patrons about what can happen, and get them to sign a petition."

sacramento, ca: - " sacramento officials refuse to ban online porn in libraries ," by pacific justice institute , 30 jan 2007. take an online poll: should taxpayer-funded public libraries provide access to online pornography? from the article: "officials who oversee the sacramento public library system rejected pleas from parents and students late last week to prohibit the viewing of online pornography in libraries " choosing instead to follow an attorney "claiming affiliation with the aclu."

el paso, tx: - run by an ala past-president : " pornography allowed in el paso public libraries ," kfox, 26 jan 2007. "the man was using a computer everyone in the lab could see, including leyva and his 3-year-old son. '[h]e was watching ... x-rated hard-core pornography,' leyva said. leyva said he immediately reported what he saw to library workers, who couldn't do anything about it. 'the answer that the library people gave us -- i mean, i was shocked. i couldn't believe that they weren't able to do anything about it,' leyva said. .... '[w]e do not monitor what people are looking at on the computer,' said carol brey-casiano , director of el paso public libraries .

' that's not acceptable. opening all of these brand-new libraries with our taxes and everything, there has to be some kind of software that blocks that,' leyva said. .... [casiano-brey] said privacy screens have been ordered or will be ordered for the new library on pebble hills." but the san fran story below illustrates privacy filters do not work, librarians know they do not work, then librarians just say "avert your eyes"!

kfox has on its site a " web extra: official response from el paso public library; unedited response from the el paso public library ." the documented reasons for not filtering are totally and completely false, and knowingly so, and should be used as a basis for a lawsuit against the library and el paso when the inevitable child rape or molestation occurs ! for example, the claim that filtering may violate first amendment rights is false after us v. ala, a case that ala lost on that very issue, and the ala past-president who runs that library knows that! this knowledge means punitive damages could be sought as well!! taxpayers, fasten your seatbelts! el paso, the ala has a total and complete grip on your library and on your children, and the ala past-president running your supposedly public library is purposefully misleading the public to ensure the library does what the ala wants, not what the public wants, as this story illustrates clearly. just ask mr. levya.

the next day, in an unrelated story from vail, co , the aclu is called in when someone complains, " i looked up and saw leviticus staring at me [in the public library]. i was appalled and incredulous. what does a reasonable person think when they see this? they think the religious right has taken over the library. " see " religious posters lure aclu to library; display appears to criticize divorce and homosexual couples ," vail daily , 8 feb 2007. apparently, porn is "so what" and leviticus is "appalling" and "age inappropriate."

chicago, il: - home of the ala : " how safe are our kids in public libraries? convicted sex offenders have free and legal access to pornography at chicago libraries ," cbs, 21 dec 2006. "online pornography is so clear and evident at chicago libraries that we could actually see a patron looking at porn simply by standing on a city street and looking through the window. .... but what he did was legal because there are no guidelines against viewing pornography at chicago libraries. even convicted sex offenders can use those computers to access sexually graphic images. one-third of the offenses involve people masturbating while at computers. .... we repeatedly tried to get an interview with chicago public library officials. instead, a spokesperson gave us a statement [quoting] library policy."

@ your library in the home town of the ala, libraries are sexual free-for-alls and library officials refuse to respond to questions!! when the ala says "@ your library." this is what it really means. - see also ifi's smith interviewed for chicago's cbs investigative report on criminal activity in neighborhood public libraries , 21 dec 2006.

san francisco bay area, ca: " porn, sex crimes at libraries; i-team investigation ," kgo, 29 nov 2006, "[t]he martin luther king library has a problem with pornography. they have no rule against viewing photographs or full-screen sex videos from internet sites, even with children nearby . chief librarian jane light says it's a matter of free speech. .... abc7's dan noyes: 'i've seen the [privacy] screens and i see how they work and the stuff is visible from behind. you can see everything.' jane light...: 'so you can avert your eyes .' .... san jose's police blotter over the past year lists several arrests for child porn at the library, at least ten cases of child molestation or other sex crimes involving kids and several cases of men viewing porn and performing a lewd act, right at the terminal . .... sgt. john laws, san jose library police: 'it showed him sitting at the computer terminal and ... masturbating .' .... marcia stacke, child quest international : 'you know, sometimes i wonder if we're just too afraid to be, i don't know, sued in this country. we've got to step out and protect our kids. enough is enough.'"

los angeles, ca: " lawless libraries? ," cbs 2, 16 nov 2006 (an anonymous library security officer warns, "i absolutely wouldn't send my kids to any branch in the city of l.a. because they are unsafe." a librarian said, " i think that it's gonna take somebody getting killed before management really pays attention. that's how bad it has gotten. " "[t]he library wants to keep this information under wraps. ' the management wants to cover this up because they don't want people to think the libraries are unsafe but all you have to do is talk to any library staff member and they'll tell you how safe it is,' the anonymous officer says.")

naperville, il: " library confidential: crimes kept secret; indecent acts, violent attacks and sex crimes not reported to police ," wbbm-tv, 2 nov 2006 ("he visibly had his hand down his pants," mcnichols said. and for a second time they say library officials did nothing . .... "it is atrocious what is going on in some of these libraries throughout the metropolitan area," said naperville police chief david dial.); and " your library may be a safe haven for criminals; library confidential: police say library law hinders their ability to nab offenders ," wbbm-tv, 3 nov 2006 (the current law prohibits library staff from revealing the identity of a patron to police once they have left the library. .... " we have helped these laws be created and passed because they balance the right of the users of the libraries with the rights of law enforcement officer," said judith krug of the american library association . [what about the rights of the victims?]).

cleveland, oh: " sexual activity at library caught on tape ," wkyc-tv, 23 may 2006. that link, like the ones above from wbbm-tv, even has the undercover video so you can see for yourself , or visit reporter carl monday's blog called " perverts paradise ." police say the tape " clearly shows him engaging in a sex act ." library response? banned for six months, likely just to make it appear as if they care . see " carl monday story leads to sex charges for library patron ," 1 jun 2006;" $500,000 bond for library porn viewer ," 6 jun 2006; " library porn viewer sentenced " 17 jul 2006, and associated videos.

these types of crime occur regularly in public libraries; usually librarians shrug their shoulders at it. some libraries even have hazmat kits to clean up after men because it happens so often, but they still refuse to use us supreme court-approved internet filters . are ala-influenced librarians following ala-directed policies in your own public libraries? is this what you want? another town, another library, another undercover video , another reason to cry for our children: lewd behavior at public libraries investigated , 10 july 2006, atlanta, ga.

and while they refuse to use constitutionally-approved internet filters to protect children, they seek to impeach president bush for "subverting the constitution of the united states"! what does that have to do with librarianship? talk about out of the mainstream! and the ala is running our libraries with policies of " assuming a leadership role " in providing children with " comprehensive, sex-related materials "?

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