"parents who would tell their children not to read playboy 'don't really care about their kids growing up and learning to think and explore.'"
9/18/95 citizen , quoting judith krug ,
ala director of oif .
link/legal notice .

effects of ala policy: list of crimes and filters in libraries and schools ; please help an 8 year old library crime victim .

apa online - click for sexualization report
another effect is the sexualization of children . see: report of the apa task force on the sexualization of girls

the ala vs. america

the ala targets america's children by refusing to protect children from and enabling the distribution of pornography at public and public school libraries

while this point is made throughout the safe libraries web site, let us look specifically at the ala's partner, the aclu, in "the aclu vs america."

the aclu vs america.  media credit: 
	  alliance defense fund a new book entitled " the aclu vs america ," by alan sears and craig osten, isbn-13: 978-0-8054-4045-4, isbn-10: 0-8054-4045-3, 2005 by alliance defense fund , details the actions of the aclu, especially how it comes into our communities "with its campaign of fear, legal intimidation, and misinformation." (see also the aclu's shocking legacy , by alan sears.)

but what exactly is the aclu and what is the connection to the ala? " from the very start, the aclu wanted to destroy from within the america our founders intended, with the use of lawyers and courts as the chief weapons ." the aclu's founder, roger baldwin, said (citation omitted):

i am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. i seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control by those who produce wealth. communism is the goal .

now we come to the ala. while the ala has a president elected yearly, the top dog at the ala is someone working tirelessly, year after year, with ten of thousands of supporters and millions and millions in funding, to ensure, among other goals, children maintain access to pornography. this person, judith krug , is the ala's chief proponent of its policy that age may not be used as a reason to discriminate against children in a public library . she and the ala maintain this position even in light of us v. ala of 2003 where the us supreme court said essentially the exact opposite: " the interest in protecting young library users from material inappropriate for minors is legitimate, and even compelling, as all members of the court appear to agree ."

[safe libraries: speaking of completely ignoring the us supreme court, we find it hypocritical that the ala chooses to ignore the us supreme court, while the aclu sharply protests the exact same action: " 'this creates a situation where a court of appeals is essentially ignoring a supreme court decision,' said scott greenwood, an attorney for the american civil liberties union, which challenged the displays [of the ten commandments at a courthouse]. 'it's a slap in the face.' " apparently, slapping the aclu or the ala in the face is bad, but the aclu/ala cabal's slapping the public in the face is to be quietly accepted by the masses and truth eruptions are to be immediately put down.]

revealingly, judith krug served on the board of the aclu for three years while working at the ala . because of this, because of the similarity in ala and aclu agenda regarding the sexualization of children, and because the ala and the aclu were working together on the same losing side in the series of cases leading to and including us v. ala , safe libraries feels it is appropriate to bring to the public's attention several relevant paragraphs from " the aclu vs america ," chapter 4, "the aclu vs. children," the section entitled, "making america safe for pornographers and dangerous for children," citations omitted:

one of the major claims used for the defense of hard-core pornography by criminal defense attorneys, the aclu, and pornographers is "educational value" (do the materials do anything other than teach hate, rape, and disdain for other human beings?). ....
[safe libraries: curiously, "educational value" is the exact wording that allows some librarians to provide children with otherwise illegal material. see, e.g., proposed illinois public act 094-0315 . one wonders how such language appears in a proposed law where such language is otherwise used as a defense by the aclu and the ala to allow the distribution to minors of illegal material harmful to minors! as we are about to see, magazines like playboy should not be considered to have an educational value, at least not a positive one.]
a fourteen-year-old boy obtained a copy of the hustler magazine, read the article [about auto-erotic asphyxiation or the practice of partially hanging oneself while masturbating to temporarily cut off the blood supply at the moment of orgasm], and like a lot of teenage boys do, decided to experiment with what he learned to attempt autoerotic asphyxia. the next morning, one of his closest friends, another young boy, found his buddy's nude and lifeless body suspended by his neck in the closet. a copy of hustler magazine, open to the page of instructions, was found near the young boy's feet.
[c]ities across america have tried to enact protections for children against pornography, only to be challenged in court by the aclu and its pornographer allies [safe libraries: including the ala]. communities have tried to restrict the sale and display of pornographic materials as "harmful to minors" but have faced costly lawsuits brought by the aclu and its allies to strike down any laws that would shield minors from such materials. the aclu, which claims parents should be the only limit on pornography [safe libraries: just like the ala], ties the hands of parents when it comes to being able to effectively keep their children from being exposed to such material.
in addition to refusing to protect children from internet pornography at public libraries [safe libraries: just like the ala], the aclu believes ... there should be no restrictions on the distribution of child pornography [safe libraries: as does the ala with, e.g., its recommendation of books like push by sapphire that include a father/grandfather raping his own three year old child/grand daughter in pampers, likely the reason why the ala includes such books in its recommended lists for children of various grade levels]. in both scenarios, children are hopelessly and shamefully exploited.

that last sentence is the very reason why safe libraries is attempting to educate and motivate people to become active against organizations attempting to sexualize children. please learn all you can then take action in your own communities to protect your own children. ignore the ala's campaign of fear, legal intimidation, and misinformation.

the ala targets america

a button with text: radical militant librarian - defending access, defending privacy, defending freedom this is not our focus at safe libraries. but it is a serious problem. therefore, here is an example. it is appropriate here on this page regarding the ala and the aclu:

the ala and the aclu are joined at the hip, or further back , and are frequently against the interests of americans. for example, in an article entitled " taking liberties with the nation's security ," 17 dec 2005, former mayor rudolph w. giuliani wrote (emphasis ours):

yesterday the senate failed to reauthorize the usa patriot act.... this action .... represents a grave potential threat to the nation's security. .... the attacks of sept. 11, 2001, made clear that the old rules no longer work. the terrorists who attacked us seek to kill innocent men, women and children of all races and creeds. they seek to destroy our liberties. .... it is simply false to claim, as some of its critics do, that this bill does not respond to concerns about civil liberties. .... concerns have been raised about the so-called library records provision ; the bill adds safeguards. the same is true for roving wiretaps, "sneak and peek" searches and access to counsel and courts, as well as many others concerns raised by groups like the american library association and the american civil liberties union . given these improvements, there is simply no compelling argument for going backward in the fight against terrorism . .... ' someday, someone will die - and wall or not - the public will not understand why we were not more effective.' how quickly we forget .

are these librarians or are these left wing extremists at war with america. you decide, using their own words:

" the council of the american library association (ala) has passed a resolution that calls for the withdrawal from iraq of all u.s. military forces and a return of full sovereignty to the people of iraq . the resolution passed june 29 [2005] during the annual conference of ala in chicago. .... the council is the governing body of ala and determines all policies for the association." resolution on the connection between the iraq war and libraries .

we've heard " i was raucous in secaucus on a saturday night " but never "we be treasony in chicagy on a wednesday afternoon."

judith krug wearing her radical, militant librarian button.  click for a larger view. our view that the ala targets america is confirmed by the ala itself. as of 17 jan 2006, the official policy of the ala proudly proclaims their "radical militancy" while ridiculing the fbi for attempting to comply with the law that allows terrorists use of public libraries for information gathering to be disclosed. this quote speaks for itself: in recognition of the efforts of librarians to help raise awareness of the overreaching aspects of the usa patriot act, the american library association (ala) office for intellectual freedom (oif) is offering librarians an opportunity to proudly proclaim their "radical" and "militant" support for intellectual freedom, privacy, and civil liberties . this button was designed by, who else, the de facto leader of the ala, judith krug, and the money made goes to her so-called office for intellectual freedom. " the button is the brainchild of judith krug, director of the ala's office for intellectual freedom.... we're not meek and mild ...." to the right is a 21 jan 2006 picture of judith krug actually wearing her button - click on the picture for a larger version to more easily see it.

further evidence of ala agenda can be seen in ala president michael gorman's joking statement about " pinko commie librarians ." from the same article, " author codrescu, at president's program, slams ala's cuba stance ," 23 jan 2006, comes further damning information:

then [romanian-born author andrei] condrescu addressed freedom of expression, citing his youth in communist romania, where "my good luck was to meet dr. martin, a retired professor, who had all the poets who were blacklisted." because of ala's record in opposing excesses in the usa patriot act [sic], codrescu said he felt "great dismay" that the organization "has taken no action to condemn the imprisonment of librarians," the banning of books, and repression in cuba. he mentioned that other international figures, including u.s. leftists like noam chomsky , have joined in such condemnation. "cuba today is the romania of my growing up," he said. codrescu's speech earned strong, if not unanimous applause, which suggests that the audience, at least, may have a less measured approach toward the cuba issue than the ala council. gorman did not immediately respond, first offering his prepared remarks raising questions about the definition of the profession and how ala might have a greater impact on lis curricula. he said he thought that cuba's policies "are reprehensible," but contrasted that posture with "getting involved in a political to-and-fro about the status of people who claim to be librarians... that grows up around the exile community, the republican party, cuba, and the cuban government." he added that the imprisoned cubans "should never have been in prison." ("i was mugged," gorman said afterward. "he did not deliver the speech he told us ten days earlier that he would deliver.") codresco said he didn't see why the cubans should be termed "so-called librarians."
gorman said there was a dispute about whether the activity of lending books "is being a librarian" and that "there is some dispute about the funding of these people who claim to set up libraries." gorman also added that ala's council had " condemned the imprisonment " of the cubans [actually, the phrase was "deep concern"], and that the stance had been misrepresented by columnist nat hentoff and robert kent of friends of cuban libraries . codrescu intoned, "the man who lent us books was a librarian, and he was our librarian. i think ala should make a stronger point in solidarity with these disseminators of books."
later, in the q&a, codrescu was asked if "people paid to overthow the cuban government" deserve the support he professed. he didn't engage the question but said wryly, "i think people should overthrow all governments." gorman, referencing the "radical, militant librarian" fbi email that ala has turned into a slogan, quipped that he could see the headline: "anarchist addresses pinko commie librarians." later, asked what books they were reading, codrescu mentioned "all the novels" of a writer from the arkansas ozarks whom he identified as "michael harington;" he apparently meant donald harington . gorman said he was reading francis wheen's " idiot-proof ," which in the uk was titled "how mumbo-jumbo conquered the world." wheen, gorman noted, also wrote a biography of karl marx. he again quipped that he could see a headline: "pinko librarian praises commie author."

see michael gorman going on a rampage against robert kent of friends of cuban libraries about mr. codrescu's " foaming right wingery ," " rude and devious " behavior, and " mis-statements and false assertions ." speaking of foaming! the ala is the master of false and misleading statements. its representatives would have great familiarity with such statements.

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