"parents who would tell their children not to read playboy 'don't really care about their kids growing up and learning to think and explore.'"
9/18/95 citizen , quoting judith krug ,
ala director of oif .
link/legal notice .

effects of ala policy: list of crimes and filters in libraries and schools ; please help an 8 year old library crime victim .

apa online - click for sexualization report
another effect is the sexualization of children . see: report of the apa task force on the sexualization of girls


the following links may contain inappropriate content

they are, however, freely available to children in public libraries!

warning, the following web address, www.playboy.com, may be construed as inappropriate for some. it is of a sexual nature and, if you do not want to see explicit images, we suggest you return to safelibraries.org .

if you are younger than 18 years of age you may be violating the law by viewing content that is shown in this web site, playboy.com.

we at www.safelibraries.org do not advocate the viewing of pornography, as you may have noticed. we do feel however that it is necessary for adults to fully understand what playboy magazine and playboy enterprises represents.

in our research, it has occurred to us that many people have a misguided point of view of what is playboy. one reason seems to be that a majority of people don't view playboy, therefore they can claim legitimate ignorance.

again, it is not our intention to promote viewing pornography, but viewing the main page of playboy.com may help you understand the issue further.

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